Signature Facials


Personalized Facial

This facial is tailored specifically to your skin. Your esthetician will give your skin anything and everything it needs. A light facial, neck, shoulder and décolleté massage are apart of this service. Come unwind with us. Leave glowing and refreshed.

One electric modality will be included. (Optional to add additional modalities)

*Facial that's recommended for first time clients. 


Electric Modalities

High Frequency 

This helps to kill acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and increase circulation to simulate collagen. 

Ultrasonic Face Scubber 

High level sound wave technology used to loosen up dead skin cell build up and debris. Perfect for a gentle water-based exfoliation. Also helps to penetrate products deeper into the skin.

LED Therapy 

 Light Emitting Diode fights acne-causing bacteria, plumps the skin and reduces wrinkles. 

Your esthetician will use the appropriate modality for your skin but you can always request additional modalities to be used at an extra charge, 


PCA Skin

Our PCA Certified Professional uses PCA products with each service.

Select retail products available for purchase at Lash & Luxe.