Temporary Closure: COVID-19

MARCH 30, 2020

Hello Beautifuls;

Yesterday, the news of our Shelter In Place was announced to be extended until May 1st. Yet, for Contra Costa County, "The Public Health Order for people to shelter-in-place safely in their homes will soon be extended until at least May 3." (You can find CoCo's press release here.)

We have been working hard to reschedule your appointments as the social distancing updates have been announced. However, to refrain from any more calamities, we will be canceling all appointments that are between now and May 3, 2020. At this time, we ask  to withhold scheduling any appointments until all the orders have been  lifted.

We hope that you are taking this time to be with your loved ones, catching up with your 'Things To Do List', and for those that are still working, we thank you for your services to our community during this difficult time. 

As our previous email sent today, if you would like to continue to support our small business, we offer gift certificates that can be purchased online and used at any time. Products can also be purchased, please text (925) 348-3850 or email us at lashandluxe@gmail.com, to put in an order.

We are all in this together.

Cherie & Donna

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MARCH 16, 2020

To Our Valued Clients, 

As of today, Contra Costa County and neighboring counties have released a Shelter In Place Order stating we, as a non-essential business, is to not operate until April 8, 2020 to help contain the spread of COVID-19. 

We have tried our best to sustain the operation of our salon, but it is now out of our hands. Due to Contra Costa County’s restrictions we are sadden to say we will remain closed until April 7, 2020. All appointments leading up to April 7th will be canceled. Business will resume as normal starting April 8, 2020. 

We had the pleasure to speak with many of you regarding rescheduled appointments as soon as next week. However, those appointments will have to be pushed out again. 

Our online scheduling is available for booking starting April 8, 2020. In the effort that the order is lifted sooner or prolonged, we will adjust our books accordingly.

We want to thank all of our clients for showing us so much love, support and understanding as we all get through this unfortunate event together. 


Cherie & Donna

Owners of LASH & LUXE